Orleans County Republican Committee Summer Picnic

Sunday, August 19, 2019
St. Mary’s Archer Club
Clark Mills Road
Hosted by the Town of Carlton

Anyone interested in tickets contact any of these Town Chairmen:

John Fitzak, Town of Carlton: 748-4228
Dawn Allen: Town of Albion 589-4883
Bert Mathes, Town of Barre 331-1514
Donna DeFilipps Town of Clarendon 638-8526
Joseph Grube Town of Gaines 283-4612
John Becker Town of Kendall 659-8616
Ron Vendetti Town of Murray 406-6535
Dave Stalker Town of Ridgeway 615-9420
Skip Draper Town of Shelby 798-0677
Russ Martino Town of Yates 765-2870